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Name of the foundation

The Foundation is officially registered in the Netherlands as Stichting Ranger Campus with RSIN/fiscal number 856 268 781.

ANBI status

We are officially registered as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation) by the Dutch tax authorities. An institution can be qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation solely when at least 90% of the institutions efforts are focused on the general good. It also provides a number of tax advantages to donors, and requires the foundation to comply with specific administrative and transparency requirements.

Contact details

Stichting Ranger Campus is located at:
Plataanlaan 19, 6708 PT Wageningen, The Netherlands

Correspondence address

Foundation Ranger Campus
c/o Mrs. D. Noome
Plataanlaan 19
6708 PT  Wageningen



Composition of the Board

The Ranger Campus board consists of three people:

Sil Kloppenburg, chairman

Dominique Noome, treasurer

Peter Stolwerk, secretary & strategic advisor

Remuneration policy

The members of the board do not receive remuneration for their activities. The foundation has no employees.


Strengthening and supporting wildlife rangers and their managers in protected areas worldwide, to protect local biodiversity. We do this by making available high quality training for rangers, both via a personal e-learning environment as well as by additional on-site training.


The board meets several times a year. The board member in charge of the secretariat, compiles a report. During the meetings spending decisions are taken only in accordance with the objectives and these decisions are usually nominated by the president and the treasurer of the board. The decision to allocate financial means to projects for training rangers in developing countries are prepared by a committee consisting of at least two board members. This may include, where applicable, discussions with applicants and any other stakeholders.

The daily management of the funds of the foundation shall be the responsibility of the treasurer. Pursuant to the Articles of Association, no (legal) person has a decisive say within the Foundation. Thus no (legal) person can possess the assets of the Foundation as if it were equity.

Each year an audit is carried out by Kubus Accountants. The Board shall adopt the financial statements in the subsequent meeting.

In early 2017, subject to finding sufficient funds, we intend to appoint an operations manager who will engage in the daily execution of our (training) projects (on site).

Obtained funds will be used to cover costs to provide these trainings. A number of future training modules will incorporate end user costs. Campus Ranger Foundation is non-profit and revenue will benefit at all to the foundation and in accordance with its objective.


Revenues in the period 2016-2017 are derived solely from donations from relevant foundations and funds.

After 2017 revenue will partly be generated through the sale of training modules. These will be added to the total capital of Ranger Campus Foundation, and be used in accordance with the objectives. It is expected that revenues will not cover costs for the foundation, and the foundation will also continue to engage in fundraising.


The Board takes great care to ensure that expenditures are made only in accordance with the statutory corporate purpose and the available funds.

Policy 2016-2017

1. Development E-learning platform (Q3 2016-Q2 2017)
2. Development of curriculum modules (Q2-Q4 2017)
3. Development Ranger Emergency Field Care App (Q3 2016)
4. Roll-out e-learning platform in conservancies worldwide (Q4 2017 – Q4  2018)
5. Fundraising (2016-2017)
6. After 2017

Once all the above stated objectives are achieved  a number of other activities will be undertaken after 2017:

  • Additional modules will be developed and are rolled out.
  • A fund will be set up which will enable conservancies without funds to access training.
  • A certification system will be developed in collaboration with partners, with which individual rangers gain recognition for achieving the modules.

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report Ranger Campus 2016