We are Ranger Campus.

We develop, implement and manage protected area law enforcement training. By working closely together with local and regional stakeholders to identify capability gaps in current law enforcement operations, we develop a bespoke development plan which is sensitive to local context and requirements.

Ranger Campus training offers a competency-based, innovative, measurable approach to ranger training.


Park rangers in developing countries have limited access to quality training. Sometimes provided with an initial training induction, most rangers work their entire careers without any refresher training or personal development. Competencies are not measured and monitored, leaving little to no indication of the level of individual, team and park performance before, during and after training periods.

Park rangers spend extended periods in their workspace, often in camps in remote areas. Conventional training requires the concentration of these rangers, often leaving a gap in ongoing operations.


Protect wildlife by supporting rangers and their management in protected areas


The development of a practical and relevant training system that supports a worldwide network of well-led, well-trained and motivated protected area law enforcement professionals, capable of ethically, lawfully, and effectively policing the world’s protected areas.

Organisational Overview

Ranger Campus is a registered charity under the laws of The Netherlands. The board consists of:

Sil Kloppenburg | Chairman
Dominique Noome | Treasurer
Peter Stolwerk | Secretary

The operational team consists of:

Boris Vos | Director of Operations

Detailed information about the Ranger Campus Foundation can be found here.

Community scouts on a training patrol | © Ranger Campus | Photo by Cees Baardman, 2017

In The Media

Screen capture website WWF Netherlands | © WWF Netherlands 2016

Website World Wildlife Fund Netherlands

Film shoot with the 'Buitendienst' team | © Ranger Campus | Photo by Dominique Noome 2016

Dutch tv series ‘De Buitendienst’
Episode ‘Stop de stroperij’

Wildlife crime scene exploitation, killed rhino Ranger Academy, the first e-learning platform specifically built for rangers and scouts | © Trouw 2016

Article in Dutch newspaper ‘Trouw’
‘Milieuorganisaties maken natuurbeschermers weerbaar’