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For those that missed it; “Comedian”, by Maurizo Cattelan, an art installation involving a banana and a piece of duct tape, fetched a staggering $120,000 the other day, after subsequently being consumed by another artist. Circle of life it seems! (source: New York Times)

Responding to this visual art piece, we would like to present: “Chale”.

“Chale” means “Comedian” in Kiswahili – the local language in East Africa. It also means incision (into the human body) ­čÖé

In this contemporary art installation we will use duct tape to tape a locally grown banana to a tree in a wildlife conservancy in Kenya to be consumed by wildlife; it could be an elephant, a cheeky baboon or any one of the other beautiful animals inhabiting this protected area. A fitting purpose of this piece of art. (All duct tape will be removed after.)

You can be part of this art installation! We will install “Chale” on the 27th of December 2019 at 10:00 Nairobi Time. Next to “Chale” we will install a trail camera, which will record and instantly send any movement around the banana to your email address! For a donation of $25 your email address will be added to the camera, so that you will be able to see when and which animal will finalise this art piece by partaking in the banana.

Obviously this is a bit of fun, but the cause is no fun. $25 will fund 1 CoTCCC and CoTECC recommended tourniquet, which will be handed out to rangers as part of the Ranger Life Saver course. These tourniquets have already saved countless lives, and will in the future. Art serving life.

For peace of mind prior to donating please feel free to contact Ranger Campus.

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