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We need to change the way park rangers are equipped and trained. Not one-off training once a year, but through continuous, on the job training. We achieve this through our two main projects; Ranger Academy and LEAD Ranger.

Ranger Academy: By offering an online learning environment for frontline staff we ensure that knowledge is accessible in their own workspace and in their own time. The platform is downloadable by everyone on Android and iOS smartphones and is available for free. Rangers can pick & choose from the modules. Specific modules are restricted for security reasons (e.g. Forensic Awareness), and need to be unlocked by a park manager.
Modules can be used as a stand-alone training method, but can also provide excellent preparation for on-site training (such as LEAD Ranger), as managers and trainers can monitor individual progress and competency levels. The platform aims to provide a continuous learning experience, providing resource material after completion and refresher questions.
Modules being developed at the moment are Human Rights, Forensic Awareness, Snakebites and Bleeding Control. We are currently scoping the subjects for 2019 and fundraising for them. Making one of these modules is a lengthy process that involves developing a curriculum together with subject matter experts, making a shortlist, filming with rangers on location, editing, voice overs, and translations. By donating, you are directly supporting the further development of e-learning modules for these rangers.

For peace of mind prior to donating please feel free to contact Ranger Campus.

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