Project Description


The world’s first innovative e-learning platform build specifically for park rangers and their management.

Coming Q3 2017 to:

Access to Expert Knowledge

Tutorial videos of relevant and fundamental park ranger skills, e.g. health & safety, care under fire, wildlife crime forensics, patrolling, firearms safety, search & arrest techniques and much more.

Works in Low Connectivity

Training content is available online and offline, anytime, anywhere, even when you’re not close to a WiFi connection. Rangers are able to share devices while still being able to access their personal learning environment.

Connect to a Worldwide Ranger Network

Getting to know circumstances and proven solutions from other parks not only increases the learning experience, it also promotes a safer, motivating and more effective work experience for each park ranger.

Powerful Management Tool

Managers can create park or team groups and assign specific modules to individual rangers or teams. Park rangers’ personal, team, sector and/or park performance can be monitored using our web-based analytics and reports.

Safe & Secure Data Handling

We operate using the most secure data centre in The Netherlands, meeting and exceeding all relevant legal, ethical, and recommended best practices, and regulatory or legislative guidelines for data protection and privacy.

In my professional opinion, this approach would fill a critical void in the transmission of knowledge typically created by a lack of funding or access to expertise

Andrew Lemieux, Researcher Wildlife Crime at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement

I am looking forward to using the Ranger Academy platform. It will allow my rangers to receive education on crucial skills needed to protect the park and its wildlife.

Eric Sagwe, Head Security, Wildlife Works

In our search for sustainable methods in the education and training of wildlife crime scene investigators in Africa, this just might be the missing link

Marcel van Beest, Project leader Botswana - Dutch Forensic Cooperation to Combat Wildlife Crime, Dutch Forensic Institute

Development & Engineering by: Brendan & MacKenzie