Title: Curriculum & Training Products Development

The development and roll-out of high-quality training content and associated products.
April 2016 – Present. 
Ranger Campus project areas
Filming e-learning content, pre-patrol inspection of medical supplies | © Ranger Campus | Photo by Cees Baardman 2017

In order to support worldwide ranger training we develop comprehensive and relevant training curricula which are used by non-profits and governmental organisations to improve park ranger training. Based on the most current law enforcement tactics, techniques and procedures and in accordance with local context and following international guidelines and best practices these educational programs are aiming at improving law enforcement safety, effectiveness and accountability.

We develop training aids that can be used by certified patrol leaders to safely train and develop crucial law enforcement competencies of their team members in their workspace, whether this is a centralised training location or a remote patrol camp in the middle of the protected area. 

We take great care that all content is relevant, current and according to (international) laws and ethics. 

Accreditation and certification development | © Ranger Campus | Photo by Boris Vos 2017