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Developing a scalable way of delivering expert knowledge to every ranger in the world.
October 2016 – Present. App is finished, now developing modules.
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Ranger Academy, the first e-learning platform specifically built for rangers and scouts | © Ranger Campus 2017
Ranger Academy is an e-learning platform designed to the specific requirements of park rangers worldwide. The curriculum includes multiple modules identified as crucial competences for rangers, e.g. Forensic Awareness, Emergency Field Care, Human Rights, Snakebite, etc. The platform and curriculum can serve as a great starting point for on-site training. The modules are currently under development and planned for release in 2019.
Testing of web-based management tool, Kenya | © Ranger Campus | Photo by Boris Vos 2017
Field research and testing of e-learning user interface | © Ranger Campus | Photo by Stani Groeneweg 2017
Filming patrol techniques e-learning with KWS | © Ranger Campus | Photo by Cees Baardman 2017